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  • Added Support for HotRockets to AutoStaging
  • Alternate rate display options
  • Time remaining display options
  • Hide When Full Option
  • "Disable Display on Hover" option
  • Changed version Check file
  • 0.23.5 Recompile for new version of Unity/KSP
  • Set AutoStaging to only watch for staged engine flameout - caters to Sepratron
  • Very minor graphical fix on Unity window style
  • Added API for other plugins to read details and acknowledge alarms
  • Added Hide on empty setting - with delay
  • Added Show All button - show hidden resources on click/hover
  • Added Resource Transfer - same functionality from base part windows
  • Fixed Window vis on alarm issue
  • Fixed NaN rate display issue
  • Verified image paths
  • Fixed Alarm Noise issue
  • Fixed resourceconfig window issues with Dropdowns
  • Complete Code rewrite using KSPPluginFramework as base
  • Updated some of the Icons
  • Added ability to select resource and see part specific lists
  • Added hover ability on part windows to highlight parts
  • Added Resource Display options - Sort, grouping
  • Added Resource Visibilty Options - Visible, Hidden or on Threshold
  • Added Resource Monitors - set warning and alert thresholds
  • Added Alarm Sounds + Acknowledgement
  • Added Show on Alert for hidden window
  • Added Update Checker from KAC
  • Added EVA Propellant
  • Added MFS Fuels
  • Fixed issue with onhover when KSP ARP button hidden
  • 0.23 Recompile for new version of Unity
  • Added Option to choose to use Blizzies excellent toolbar - uses latebinding so no need to include DLL and no hard reference
  • Added link in game so if common toolbar not installed people can jump to forum page
  • Added option for users to choose display style - KSP/Unity
  • Added feature so Mod owners can provide a Texture with their Mod and KSPARP will read that
  • Added config so players can choose the order of precedence for the icon sets
  • Fixed bug with GUILayout errors on initial display
  • Finished 1st iteration of icons - includes icons for: Kethane, Deadly Reentry, Extra Planetary Launchpads, KSP Interstellar, Life Support By Bobcat, Near Future, TAC Life Support
  • Made the settings button a little wider to make it visible behind other fixed buttons
  • Changed loading method so that it parses the Icons folder
  • Also changed byte loading method to use System.IO instead of KSP.IO - see if thats the Linux64bit problem
  • Optional display of Instant consumption/rates
  • Converted draw code to use windows so main window is draggable and clamped to screen
  • Can lock window panel so you dont inadvertantly drag it
  • Separated settings window so yiou can drag to any edge and settings moves around to stay visible (pretty chuffed this worked)
  • Added a bunch of icons - more to come
  • Added folder for user to put custom icons in for ones I missed
  • Typo in the darn build script
  • Initial Release
  • Displays Resource Status
  • Displays separate status for Stagong resources
  • Allows for Staging of vessel
  • Allows for Space bar staging in Mapview

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