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Project Description
Source Code for KSP Plugin

This plugin provides an alternate view of the resources panel in flight mode and also some additional staging items

I built this project to add some additional visibility to amount of resources in my vessels, especially for displaying stage usage of fuel in asparagus staged rockets

What Does It Do?
Basically it displays a list of all the resources that are present on your vessel with a bar graph of the amount on vessel and the amount remaining. It also has the following additional capabilities:
  • Displays stage amount/usage - so you can see how much fuel is left in your current stage, esp in an asparagus configuration
  • Sort, order and display resources any way you want
  • Can select resources to display Part Specific windows and see details
  • Add Alarms to resources to have an audible alarm on lows
  • Maintains settings and visibility between vessel switches/restarts.
  • Same update Checker as KAC
  • Optional Staging facility with:
  • Ability to Activate Stages in Map View
  • Ability to use Space Bar in Map view to activate stages - like in standard flight mode

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